Have a look at some of our tiling tips we've learned over the years!

Tip No. 1
Planning is crucial.
If you're doing your tiling yourself, a little time invested in planning can benefit you in somany ways. If the job involves floor tiles, you need to allow for the depth of at least two tiles underneath the door. This needs to be increased if your using a sand and cement base. You should commence by laying the tiles from the middle of the wall and work your way towards thel edges of the wall. As a general rule, if you need to cut the tile it should be no smaller than approximately half the size of the full tile.

Tip No. 2
Choose the right colours
For North facing rooms use cooler shades and for areas facing south it's probably better to go for the warmer shades and colours. You will need to take care when selecting your tiles for laundry or bathrooms that don't have windows. Bright white high sheen tilescoupled with man-made light can make for a very sanitised appearance.

Tip No. 3
Choose the right sized tiles for the look and effect you desire.
Small sized tiles may make a small room look smaller, however they can add interest if used decoratively or as part of a feature wall. Large tiles can make a room look larger, and are a lot easier to maintain as well as provide a different effect.

Tip No. 4
Choose the correct adhesive.
Different surfaces need different adhesives and choosing the right one is very important.AS Tiling really understands the job requirements and we can show you the correct adhesive to ensure your job has a professional touch and finish.

Tip No. 5
We recommend that you use a professional licensed tiler. Whilst trying to do your own tiling to save money may seem like a great idea at the time, if the basic principles of tiling are not followed, your job may turn out to be a very expensive decision as well as a prolonged source of problems. AS Tiling always believes in getting the job done right the first time around. After all the tiles are going to be around for many years to come.

Tip No. 6
AS Tiling recommends you always order more than you need as tiles can go out of production and future stock can vary in colour. We advise customers to add an extra 10% to their tile calculations to allow for any mistakes, mishaps as well keeping a few spares stored away!

Tip No. 7
Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Tiling disasters may have been avoided if questions were asked in the very beginning of the job. It really doesn’t matter if it seems like a silly or obvious question. Nothing could be sillier than having to do the entire job again because you were too embarrassed to ask.

Tip No. 8
Beware of old myths. A good quality tile is a good quality tile, irrespective of where it’s made.
Technology has come a long way and nowadays tiles are produced all over the world. We believe that some of the best quality tiles in the world come from Italy, it’s also true that Italy produces some really bad tiles. So, if it’s quality you’re after, speak to the AS Tiling, the experts , because from years of experience we can help and advise you!